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Signs You’re From NorCal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

You think your tap water is the most incredible tap water in the world.

Because anything and everything is better than what they have down in SoCal.

Dutch Bros is your favorite coffee.

Starbucks, Human Bean, nor Dunkin’ stand the test.


The small, uneventful ones you didn’t even know happened until you heard about it on the news.

You put stickers on your water bottle.

Your greatest outlet of expression.

You wear sweaters/jackets to the beach.

For most of the year, going to the beach was mainly just for the view, the water was always too cold to get in and too pretty not to watch.


You spent your childhood frightened by it…and you’re still a little frightened by it.

Hundred-degree dry weather is the “summer” usual.

Nothing better than living in the valley heat/death trap.

Thirty-degree dry weather is the “winter” usual.

You most likely experienced little snow and rain, but winters were still absolutely dreadful.

You refer to San Francisco as “the city.”

There was always something to do for your weekend/day trips.

The BAY is your BAE.

And consists of more than just San Francisco.

You grew up going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Great America, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Amusement parks that were just a little bit closer than Disneyland.

You would take skiing/snowboarding trips to Tahoe.

Where you layered up because who can handle this cold of weather.


You hella love NorCal.

A girl from the suburbs of Roseville, CA exploring everything Orange County.