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Pinterest Test: Tank Top Organization

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been really into spring cleaning and organizing.  So for my Pinterest Test this week, I decided I would share an organization hack with you that I found very useful for my closet.  (For the pin, click here).

A girl can never have enough clothes, right?  Except where are you going to put it all?  So, to free up some space in my dresser drawers, I took out my tank tops and put them on a hanger.  Putting them each on a hanger?  Doesn’t that take up more space in your closet, you might ask.  However, I didn’t say put them each on an individual hanger; I meant putting them all on one.  (This pin had four different ways to organize tank tops, but I chose the one that best fit my closet and was easiest for me to do without spending much money).

For this hack, all you need is some old shower curtain rings (or new, if you prefer to buy some), and a hanger.

Before, my drawer was a mess; t-shirts mixed in with tanks, mixed in with workout tops. 

So, I took out all my tanks and camis and organized them by color, putting each color on an individual shower curtain ring and then hooking that ring onto the hanger.

Now, my tanks are perfectly organized and will remain wrinkle free hanging in my closet1  And my drawer is a lot less cluttered, too!

Hope you enjoy this hack as much as I did!

And remember, if you have any Pinterest hacks you want to try out, but are too scared, just send them over my way in the comments section!

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