Mid-Semester Crises and Realizations

It is getting to the middle of the semester again, which means the mid-semester crises and realizations are kicking in. You are constantly busy, but it is a total blast. Here is a look into some of my daily reflections: 

1. Your New Year's resolution to be on top of your schoolwork is still a no go. That project that you promised to get a head start on has yet to be even looked at, and it is now due next week. 

2. The renewed enthusiasm for the cafeteria from the start of the semester is beginning to wear off and your bank account has definitely suffered. Regardless, you still have to treat yo self - just maybe skip the second trip to Yogurtland.  

3. Housing. Study abroad. Orientation leader. It's all so exciting to already be preparing for next year, but you need to get those applications in stat!

4. You finally found your perfect little study spot (shout out to the AF balcony).

5. Skit practice may be time consuming, but is a definite must.

6. Your Instagram flow is off. You notice this when you are about to study for your midterm, of course.

7. How much longer until spring break again?

8. Your friends are the best. From random Target runs to minor mental breakdowns, you realize that your friends are there through it all, and for that, you couldn't be more grateful.

9. You still haven't talked to the cute guy in your psych class, but you were super close when you smiled at him from across the piazza. Don't worry, you'll get him next time.

10. Time is flying by fast. No matter how many crises you have, you realize how incredible your entire college experience is. Thus, you should continue to throw yourself into every activity to make the most out of your years here. Take a deep breath and take it all in. You got this!