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Living With Roommates? Keep These in Mind.

It’s important to have a healthy living environment as you mature and explore new places. But how do you make that happen when you’re in close quarters with others? Everyone has his or her own unique living habits. To help maintain a good household dynamic, take the tips below into consideration. 

Pick up after yourself, especially in shared spaces. Unless you have a bathroom all to yourself, it is the most important of the shared territories. Stray hairs and grimy surfaces can be extra unappealing when you know the dirt isn’t all your own—do your roommates a favor and keep the counters tidy and wiped down.

Put your roommates first. Though it’s important to keep in mind what’s best for you, preserving a good roommate relationship sometimes requires the sacrifice of your individual preferences. Things like turning the air conditioning down when your living partner is huddled in a pile of blankets, or letting her borrow your car so she doesn’t have to bike several miles to campus, are the kinds of things that help out your roommate and keep the situation pleasant.

If something needs to be brought to your roommate’s attention, say something. No one likes passive aggressive sticky-notes. Be the bigger person and make sure the issue is clearly recognized by all of those it may concern. The way to solve a problem is to take initiative and speak up–you won’t have nearly as much luck if you leave it continuously unaddressed.     

Though we’ve all heard our fair share of roommate horror stories, many of those classic scenarios can be avoided. After all, fights are only fights if you make them that way; otherwise, they are simply discussions. Living with roomates should be fun, especially for first-timers. Keep things casual, and enjoy the good times. 

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