Lessons from a Broke College Girl: Cheap Things to Do Around Chapman

If there’s one thing everyone on the site can agree on, it’s that college is expensive. And with tuition prices rising and the limited job availability, spending money isn’t on the top of anyone’s list. In light of this dilemma, I’ve come up with a few fun and cheap activities Chapman Panthers can do right in Orange County.

Go to Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is Disneyland’s quaint (and free) cousin. Stroll around and check out some of the great Disney-themed shops. My favorite: The WonderGround Gallery, a cool art shop with s variety of fascinating Disney-inspired artwork. While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Jazz Kitchen to share some amazing beignets with your friends right before watching the Disneyland firework show!

Go to an Angels Game

Chapman will gladly take you out to the ball game! For prices as low as $6 a person, you can watch an Angels game with your friends whenever you want. Sure, you’ll be sitting in nose-bleeds, but when you’re watching America’s favorite past-time with your friends all you need to do is munch on some peanuts and watch root, root, root for the Angels to have a good time…and besides, who doesn’t want to look at Mike Trout?

Go to a Chapman Event

Chapman offers a bunch of different events on campus that are completely free for students! Whether it’s an interesting lecture on [email protected] culture, and Improv Inc. Performance, a movie screening, or a great show by The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar, Chapman offers something new every week. Check Facebook for information on on-campus events! Worse comes to worst, watch the Panthers take on another school each week.

Host a Movie Party

Take over the lounge in your hall, rent a movie from Red Box, pop some popcorn and enjoy an awesome movie with your friends. It’s a chill way to spend your night for basically nothing. And feel free to bring blankets and other snacks. Don’t feel like watching a movie at home? Check out the Chapman website for discounted movie tickets to AMC theaters!

Go to a Party

Weekends at Chapman can be a lot of fun if you know where to go. Meet up with your friends and find a party to crash. Just remember to be safe!! :)


Exercise, exercise…It’s the one thing we all need (and I need to start doing). Chapman has some great workout equipment ready at your convenience. It’s a free way to spend an evening, and it will do your body good. Skinny jeans, here I come!


What better way to spend your time than by helping other people? Join a club and find ways to volunteer around Orange, or look up new ways you can help out at schools or other organizations. The American Cancer Society always has great events, and they can always use assistance. If you love kids, check out the nearest Boys and Girls Club or talk to a faculty-member at Orange High School for volunteer opportunities.

Hit the Beach

So-cal is known for its great beaches, and we have said beaches as close as fifteen minutes away! Grab your bikini and take advantage of the warm weather this month (HOT-tober, as I like to call it). While you’re at it, check out a few places right by the beaches as well. If you go to Seal Beach you have to go to Nick’s (note: order a breakfast burrito!), and if you’re in Huntington, you’ve got to stop by Harbor House Café for a milkshake or malt! You’ll thank me later…