Kanye West is Actually the Worst

Everyone long ago chose their sides on the Taylor Swift vs. Kimye feud, and both sides admittedly have fair points. I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan for as long as I can remember and even I can admit that she’s a snake because—spoiler alert—she’s human, and we all do shady things sometimes. However, the real villain in this played out narrative isn’t Swift as the media tends to say—it’s Kanye West.

This decade-long feud would never have happened if Kanye hadn’t decided that the award and self-esteem of a young Taylor Swift was in his hands. Everyone knows his iconic interruption of her speech for winning MTV’s Best Music Video, but what is not known is that he was on stage for longer than seen on TV. It is incredibly hard to find the full video from that night, but Kanye goes on to say some truly horrible things to Taylor Swift, leading to him getting escorted from the show. However, despite Kanye’s childish actions that Beyoncé herself condemned, Swift still accepted Kanye’s apology and attempted to move forward and be friendly.

Then, Kanye has the audacity to call Swift “that bitch” in his song “Famous.” Of course Swift gets angry! Maybe she lied about knowing about the song, but she did not know that she was going to be referred to in such a demeaning way. Furthermore, Swift was 26 at the time the song was released, whereas Kanye was 39, and Kim Kardashian was 35. Yet Swift reacted maturely in comparison to the childish antics of Kimye—who are both at least a decade her senior—on Twitter. 

Now, Swift has decided to create her own narrative and embrace all the snake emojis and tea you throw at her. She has matured and grown, whereas Kanye is still the whiny child he was at the VMAs all those years ago. I would wish Taylor luck for dealing with whatever immature antics Kanye has planned, but she can handle it.