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If You Hate Corinne, You Probably Are Corinne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

We need to talk about Corinne. 

This season of The Bachelor is unlike any before, and Chris Harrison might actually be right this time when he says that there has never been a more dramatic run of this fan favorite reality drama. Nick Viall, the leading man that no one wanted to assume the esteemed position of Bachelor, has offered a rose week after week to the most controversial woman who has ever roamed the Bachelor mansion grounds. The Bachelor franchise has welcomed and embraced the new and improved Olivia Caridi, Corinne Olympios – AKA, Chad Johnson’s soulmate. Let’s face it – whipped cream is to Corinne, as meat is to Chad.

While at first Corinne seemed like a joke of the season, cast as the villain America could gang up on, we were forced to start taking her seriously when she progressed, progressed, and just keeped progressing all the way until hometowns, which was the week when she finally was sent home. There’s no denying the fact that Corinne rubs many viewers the wrong way, but perhaps there is another takeaway from everything that is Corinne. Perhaps, Corinne is a mirror of our inner-demons. Possibly, Corinne represents what we all have deep within us that we constantly try to restrict from others. And maybe, just maybe, Corinne represents all of us.

The truth is that if you hate Corinne, it’s likely because you can relate to her in some capacity. She makes you uncomfortbale, and makes your blood boil, and you want to yell at her through the screen and offer her advice, just as you would with your own subconscious if you were placed in a similar ordeal. You laugh when she tells the camera she’s bloated, or when she goes off about having emotional intelligence. Could it be because you have been where she’s been? Can you relate to her rants about craving sushi? Do you sometimes just want to press pause on your life and take a freaking nap? She’s a human, and like it or not, she’s a relatable one. We don’t give enough props to Corinne, and it’s time we start distributing credit where credit is due.

The Miami-based business owner is bold at best. She says what she means, means what she says, and isn’t only breaking the franchise’s rules, but she’s creating her own too. She is witty, she is wise, and the reason why everyone hates her is because she said exactly what we are all thinking, but would never dare admit outloud. She isn’t playing the game, she’s coaching it. Plus, Nick recognized that Corinne was actually here for the right reasons – for him. She actively vied for his attention, demonstrated her passion and her committment to the process, and went out of her way to spend time with him. Undoubtedly, she contributes to the show’s intense catfights that we all know and love, but at the end of the day, it’s pretty clear that Corinne had a genine interest in pursuing a relationship with Nick, and she’ll do whatever it takes to prove that to both him, the other contestants, and to America.

She consistantly made prohibited late-night visits to his chambers, she has shunned and offended many of his frontrunners, and for crying out loud, she has a nanny. Of course, Corinne loves attention – it’s the air she breathes – but she seemed to actually acquire affection for Nick. In their on-camera interviews, nearly all of the contestants are cliche and unoriginal. They say not only what you want to hear about process, but what they know you expect them to say. We hear the same lines time and time again, but Corinne was refreshing. Corinne is confident. Corinne is unappologetically herself. And it’s actually kind of inspiring.

Women today are taught to belittle their success, because if we speak too prominently about our accomplishments, we’re labeled as cocky. If we stand up for our interests and assume leadership positions, we’re coined as being bossy. If we have feelings for someone and pursue them, we’re sluts. Society really pushes us to believe that women can do no right, but Corinne changes that narrative. She embraces her sexuality, she is open and honest, and she has a strong head on her shoulders. She is the modern day woman, and despite her many flaws, don’t be too quick to judge Corinne, because this blonde has some serious brains. 

So don’t be afraid to channel your inner-Corinne (within reason)! If someoene really offends you, speak your mind. If you like a boy who you deem to be unattainable, go for it. Like it or not, Corinne is the very personification of YOLO, and there’s a lot to be said for a woman who is confident, goes for exactly what she wants, is true to her self despite the circumstance, and is extremely strategic in her ways.