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How to Make Someones Day with a Sunshine Basket

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

At this time of the year with midterms, group projects, home sickness, and just plain and simple craziness, it is easy to get into a funk. Watching your friends, roommates or significant others get into one is hard to see. Taking the time to brighten someone’s day will give you a study break and hopefully make your target feel better and bring a smile to their face with a bright and cheery Sunshine Basket. 

To make a Sunshine Basket it is important to remember the color yellow. Yellow is bright, warm, and sometimes a bit obnoxious, but it sure does bring a smile to the face. Especially while placed in a basket full of fun goodies made by a loved one or great friend. 

Here are some fun staple items to help you get started on your basket. Have fun with it and grab anything yellow that the receiver of the basket will enjoy!

Fun ideas:


-Peanut M&M’s

-Yellow Gatorade

-Burt’s Bees chap stick



-Sunflowers (nothing says sunshine like sunflowers do!)

-Juicy Fruit

-Yellow nail polish (tip: keep it a pastel yellow because the shade is more practical and will be more flattering!)

-The movie “Little Miss Sunshine”

-Yellow candle

-Note pads or post-it notes

-Yellow balloon that says “Pop me” with a note inside encouraging them to have a great day and to stay positive


There are so many great things in the world that are packaged in yellow, so wander through the grocery store, superstore (Target, Walmart, etc.) or even a dollar store to pick up some items to brighten up someone’s day.

Also, do not forget to throw in a note to them with a printable quote that is cute and perfect for a Sunshine Basket. There are many great options online that will give your basket a fun touch.

Whatever your Sunshine Basket may be — a box, jar, bucket — keep in mind how much this simple act will change someone’s entire perspective and will hopefully make you feel better as well!