How to Have a Not So Basic Halloween

Every October, people everywhere have a short-lived panic when they can’t decide what they want to be for Halloween. The goal is always to think of a unique idea that derives from the “basic” costumes. Yet, try as they might, the majority of these go-getters end up back to square one and the result is a plethora of cats and bunnies roaming the annual Halloween parties in limited clothing. 

I will admit it, I have fallen into the same trap in the last years. It is hard trying to think of cute and original ideas. I end up delaying my decision making and the result is a half heartedly crafted costume that will most likely be repeated in the years to come.

As pumpkin spice lattes become more abundant and the standard “girl sitting on a pumpkin” Instagram pic blows up your newsfeed, it is easy to conform with the stereotypical Halloween costumes. This year, I challenge you to not take the basic route and show the world your true personality with your original costume ideas.

Make your costume reflect your personality

If you do choose to go down the basic path and dress up as a nurse or a witch, amp it up and add on something that makes the costume unique and tailor to you. For example, if you are dying to dress up as a dog, get a group together and go as the 101 Dalmatians.

Don’t be afraid to be funny instead of sexy

Most girls feel the pressure to have a Halloween costume that involves little to no clothing go for the “sexy” look. Halloween is supposed to be fun, so make your costume reflect that. If you want to dress up as Bettie White or a nun, go for it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Utilize social media

If you are stuck and can’t think of an idea for your costume, go online! Pinterest is a great website to see what others have done in the past. Even Facebook and Instagram are great because you can see what your friends have worn before and get ideas from them.


You are better than basic. Don’t be afraid to go all out on Halloween! There is no need to diet all of October because you’re afraid you won’t look good in a slutty costume. Halloween is all about expressing yourself and having a great time doing it, so why take the fun out it? It's the one night of the year where you can be anything you want. Take advantage of this opportunity and be anything you want to be.