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How Election Day Went Down Through the Cuckold Penguin

I’m not a very political person at all, but I sure did cast in a vote in my first presidential election; I’m not too hot about talking about politics either. It was indeed very nerve-wracking and stressful. However, there was one thing that kept me sane — it was National Geographic’s video, Homewrecking Penguin. This video shows the lengths a male penguin will go to not be humiliated by being cheated on, but I’m going to use it to give a play-by-play of how Election Day was through the eyes of the cheated-on penguin.


When you went to the polls


When you and squad rolled up to the viewing party


How the battle of electoral votes went down on Google’s live updates and livestreams

When your preferred candidate was behind on a couple of votes but made a comeback


When Clinton didn’t win, you find out 15,000 voters filled in Harambe, and 18,000 filled in Hennessey


On your way to protest and your bed to grieve, hoping to be able to live your day-to-day life the next day

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