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Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix This Halloween

Whether you live for scary movies or wet your pants at the thought of them, Netflix has the perfect Halloween movie for you!

If you’re looking for…

A “haunted house” movie:

“The Amityville Horror”

The scariest part is that it’s based on a true story.

A family-friendly movie:

“The Addams Family”

A classic that you’ve either seen before or seriously need to, like right now. (Perfect for people who aren’t into super scary movies!)

Something cute but still a little creepy:

“Corpse Bride”

Since Netflix has betrayed us by removing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” from stream, the next best thing would be another amazing Tim Burton film. (Again, perfect for people who aren’t into the whole “horror” thing.)

Something deeply disturbing:

“We Are What We Are”

Let’s just say this family takes the phrase “you are what you eat” to a whole other level.

A reason not to trust children:

“Children of the Corn”

If you thought all children were sweet and cuddly, you thought wrong. (But honestly who thinks that anyway?)

Something that won’t ever let you sleep again:

“The Babadook”

A horror movie centered around a children’s bedtime story, this film will have you sleeping with a nightlight on for the next month or so.

Freaky aliens:

“Dark Skies”

An alien movie that has the scariness of “Alien” and a plot-twist ending with the sadness of “E.T.”

Something a little too realistic:


The realness of this found footage film is what makes it truly eerie and frightening. Not recommended to watch alone.

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