Guide to Affordable Class Outfits

When it comes to class outfits, it’s helpful to have versatile pieces that can be thrown together while still looking cute and on trend. But, as a college student, it’s not ideal to drop big bucks on clothing throughout the year. So, how do we achieve cute, comfortable, easy, AND affordable? It may seem like an impossible feat, but here’s a guide to help you on your journey to class-outfit bliss.



Forever 21 is the Mecca of affordable yet on-trend clothes. You may have to sift through mounds upon mounds of material in store, but online shopping simplifies the process. Whether you need a pair of slip-ons to get you out the door fast, or a t-shirt that goes with everything, Forever 21 meets all these needs at a low price.


2)   Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a great way to discover unique finds that no one else will have. I recommend looking in men’s shirts; you can often find a variety of comfortable and unique tops. Personally, I love a good band tee, and there are usually some name brands in the mix if you take the time to look. You can also crop shirts or tie them for a refurbished and unique look.


The comfiest sweats award goes to… (drum roll please) you guessed it, Brandy Melville. I personally own their Rosa sweatpants in two colors, and they have not gone to waste. A good pair of sweats is essential for 8 AMs after a long night, or let's be honest, an 11 AM where you just need that extra few minutes of sleep.


5) Old Clothes

It’s always a thrifty and fun idea to revamp your pre-existing wardrobe. Maybe you have a t-shirt with a nasty stain, some unwanted holes, etc. There’s no need to waste a piece of clothing. I grab my trusty pair of scissors and assess the situation. If there’s a hole, I like to distress the shirt until it looks intentional. This also works with a stain if it is small enough to be cut out. Additionally, if you cut a slit from the hem upwards about two inches, you can create a knot that crops the shirt and appears to be an effortless and cute detail.


Some other affordable options: