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Four Crazy Trips to Plan With Your Best Friend

Okay, so you and your BFF are like, “We need to have a crazy adventure. Where do we go?” Well, don’t worry, I have the answer for you. Check out my top four crazy places to travel with your best friend.

1. Miami

I’m in Miami b*tch. Go wild with your BFF. Enjoy your days at the overcrowded beaches, where you’ll tan, sip on I don’t know what, and meet those hot shirtless guys playing beach volleyball. At night you’ll get all dressed up for the club and take some selfies, obviously, then dance the night away until 3 a.m. Oh yeah, and you’ll have your best friend by your side.


2. Costa Rica

Literally go wild in the jungles of Costa Rica. Freak out with your best friend over zip-lining, but encourage each other to do it and laugh about how scared you were after. Adventure with white-water rafting and a long hike through the jungle trails. Make friends with the monkeys! Your BFF might get a little jealous, but don’t worry.


3. New York

What better place to go with your best friend than New York City?! Do what best friends do best: shopping. Go in every store and try on outrageous outfits for fun and take pictures. And then buy the stuff you actually like. Tour the museums, see a Broadway show, explore Times Square. Of course, scavenge New York’s amazing restaurants and dessert shops. Girls who travel together, eat together.


4. Amsterdam

Hello Amsterdam! Explore this artsy city with your best friend, peeking your head in art galleries, antique shops and little gardens. The Amsterdam nightlife is perfect for you and  your BFF chill out at the bar or enjoy a casual hip restaurant. Meet new people, walk along the canals and smell all the lovely tulips in the flower markets along the way.

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