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Five Great Outfits to Kill It in Birkenstocks

We love them and their ultimate comfort; however, sometimes Birkenstocks can be a real challenge in the game of style. When the conflict of longing to feel comfortable in Birkenstocks while also aiming to look especially cute hits, often one must chose a priority to gravitite towords and make a sacrife somewhere. The struggle of meshing cute and comfy is age-old and all to relateable. That said, take this as your go-to list for turning those lazy-day Birks into a real fashion gemstone, acheiving the mesh to whatever degree fits your look best. 

1. Color code it (black and white, especially!)

2. The best of both worlds approach: Dress down something elegant, dress up something casual

3. Ditch being cohesive, and try something quirky

4. Show off your legs by slipping on some high waisted shorts 

5. Go for cute, girly and cozy with your favorite pair of wolly socks

Now, get your birks out of the house with you and show off some stlye! 

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