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Fashionably Professional: The Business of Looking Stylish

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

Dressing professional doesn’t have to be hard, and it most certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Using staple pieces can help you mix and match for unique and fashionable looks week after week. Here are a few pieces that can help you up your style game, while still being professional.


1. Basic Bodysuit

Whether you choose a black, white, or solid colored bodysuit, wearing these under pants or skirts can create a unified and clean look. Simply put on a blouse or a blazer over your bodysuit for a finished outfit.


2. Black on Black on Black

People can tell you now and again to add color to your outfit, but the color black is always a staple. Pair all of your black pieces for a full ensemble that looks put together but doesn’t take much effort.


3. Pants/Skirt

A go-to pair of pants or a skirt is essential for a professional look. These pants or skirt(s) can go with anything. A basic pair of pants could be black or white, or a stand out color. Additionally, a pencil skirt is ideal for a professional, yet fashionable look.


4. Statement Blouse

It doesn’t always have to be super bright, but a pop of color is always nice to have in one’s wardrobe. A colored blouse can be paired with solid black or another neutral colored blazer.



5. Blazer(s)

Because you can NEVER have too many blazers!


6. Matchy Matchy

Owning colors in your wardrobe can make it nice when it comes to different outfits. The colors can be paired with neutrals one day and matched together another. In the case of this outfit, the blues in the blazer were able to coordinate with the shoes, but they can also stand out on their own when paired with all black or other neutrals!


7. Statement Shoes

A pair of statement heels can make all the difference in your wardrobe. They can add a subtle touch of interest as well as showcase your personal style! Just make sure they aren’t too tall and are closed toe, and they are perfectly professional!


8. Business Blouse

If you’d rather not wear a blazer, a business blouse is a great way to look put together without the added layer. Usually, these blouses have collars, though some are button-up. Tuck them into pants or a skirt with heels or flats for your professional look.



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