Expectation vs. Reality: Chapman Edition Part Two

Expectation: I'm going to dress like Serena van der Woodsen

College is when you are going to discover the true you. Your style is going to embody the Southern California feel, and you can’t wait to transform your wardrobe. You’ve made inspiration boards, bought some cool high waisted shorts, invested in some high tops, and even made your way down to the ever so original, Brandy Melville. You’re on the path to success and you can’t wait for people to see the new you.

Reality: Dresses like workout/yoga star

You dressed nice for the first week of school. That was fun. Now, you rock the nike shorts and high school tee or if you’re really feeling up to it, Lululemon wunder unders and a nice quarter zip. Friends begin to ask if you just worked out when you come back from class. But it's all good because how many times you go to the gym a week doesn’t define you. So what if you haven’t worn actual pants in over a week? Don’t let anyone tell you it's not ok, because it so is.

Expectation: Long weekends are going to SLAY

College is going to be filled with awesome long weekends where you will party it up. You are already planning trips to go down to USC, hit up Big Bear, and maybe even venture all the way out to Vegas. You can’t wait for all the awesome memories you are going to create with your friends, and you will try your very best to actually remember all of them. 

Reality: Please define the word “vacation”

Chapman students regularly consult Webster’s dictionary because they can’t actually explain to outsiders what the term “long weekend” means. That phrase holds no meaning here. Vacations are a dream we can only create in our fantasies. You must learn how to make use of your Fridays and Saturdays because never will you experience a Thursday or Monday free of school work or classes. Its just not going to happen. Ever.

Expectation: Cute trips to The Orange Circle will occur regularly

*Prospective student during their tour: The Circle is s’cute. I am going to come down here all the time.* When looking at Chapman, you see the Old Towne and fall in love with all the restaurants, boutiques, and just loveeeeee the fact there are two Starbucks’ so close to campus. You are already planning cute brunch dates with the girls and the classy endeavors you will embark on during your time at Chapman.

Reality: What is The Circle?

As a broke college student, you venture to The Circle maybe once a month, and it's either to get an acai bowl from Growl or go to Starbucks. Maybe once in a blue moon you will go shopping, but that’s assuming you didn’t blow your monthly allowance on Uber and In-N-Out. Each time you go to The Circle you say, “we need to come down here more often,” but it just never happens unless your parents are in town. That’s the only way you can afford to go to a restaurant where people actually sit you down and serve you. 

Expectation: Chapman

You’ve done your research. You already know all the buildings on campus. Dodge is pretty cool and you can’t wait to see everything the school has to offer.

Reality: Chaptown

Through all its ups and downs, Chaptown is a place where you will meet some pretty great people and make life long friends. Don't waste your time here, because after your four years are over, you're going to miss it.