Entertainment and Emotional Support for Ice Skating Fans After the Olympics

We're going to miss the blue moon excitement of ice skating that comes with every winter Olympic season. To help us get through these sad times, I hope you'll look to this list of support material to help us all get through this together. 

1. (Re)Watch Yuri!!! on Ice

Seriously, this anime is the best for any fan of Ice Skating (and it's available for streaming on Crunchyroll right now)! Plus, it has a lot of awesome scenes that any skater can relate too. 

I mean, look at that face? Is that not the face all of us have had when you know you did that move wrong? I know I've had it. The sound of the skates on the ice in this anime are spot on for the moves the skaters are making, plus there are a lot of Easter eggs inside--from famous figure skating cameos to a dramatic scene of Yuri, the main character, looking at his battered feet, that will make regular skaters giggle just a bit. 

2. Read OMG Check, Please! 

OMG Check, Please! is a webcomic by Ngozi Ukazu about a young, former competitive figure skating, man going to college and playing hockey. It's filled with accurate hockey culture references and Easter eggs for skaters of all sorts as well as physical impossibilities that are a joy to read. 

3. Find Some Music Videos

The AMVs of ice skating animation or past performances by your favorite skaters being replayed to your favorite songs is a wonderful past time that you can enjoy as you wait for the next season to start over. 

Some AMV recommendations to start you off: LOST IT TO TRYING, A P P L A U S E || Viktor Nikiforov || Yuri on Ice, and Yuri!!! On ice ///////// Weak AMV.

4. Go ice skating

What better way to get your fix than to get out there and do it yourself? Go ahead and Google a local rink plus the cost of admission/rentals (if you need them). Make a day of it and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to tighten those laces!

I wish you all luck as we enter the dark days between now and the next season of figure skaters taking to the ice. Happy skating, y'all.