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The Different Types of Freshman on Your Floor

When you first moved into your freshman year dorm, you were basically moving in with a bunch of strangers. However after a couple months, some key players emerged and you’re able to get a feel for most people on your floor. Some you like more than others but, overall, it wouldn’t be the same without all of them.

1. The One With Ridiculous Political Views
In their natural habitat, they can be caught repeating phrases such as, “Drumpf 2016” and “Let’s make America great again”. Even though they usually have no reasoning behind their unwavering support.
2. The “We’re Not A Couple” Friends
Can guys and girls be just friends? They think so. You hypothesize that one of them feels more for the other but they’re cute friends so you just let it be.
3. The Unbelievably Hot Guy
Unfortunately, he literally gets hotter and hotter every single time you see him. The phrase “bad hair day” is not in his vocabulary.
4. The Frat Pledges That Try To Make Their Dormroom A Trap House
Every time you walk by their room there’s terrible house music playing. And every time, it’s the exact same song. You soon begin to hear this song in your nightmares.
5. The Night Owl
You know that you can text them at some ungodly hour any given day (or night) and get a response. You always wonder how they have the energy to function in their daily life.
6. The Freshman That Works For Public Safety
Aka the double agent. Alarms went off in your head as soon as you were informed and from then on, you were never sure how to interact with them. I mean, are they chill or an honorary RA? So you end up acting like this:
7. The Judgemental One
If you’re studying, they’re judging you. If you’re partying, they’re judging you. If you’re not smiling, you guessed it, they’re judging you.
8. The Non-resident
You have no idea how they became friends with everyone on your floor since they live in a completely different building, but you’re happy they’re there. Even if they do steal the lounge chairs sometimes.
9. The Out of State-er
Pretty much the equivalent of how a USC student makes sure to squeeze “fight on” into any conversation, out of staters are never short of anecdotes and fun facts about their home state.
10. The One That You Simply Know Of
You’ve never actually seen them but know they exist in the same geographical area as you. However, there is a part of you that’s still low-key skeptical of their existence on your floor.
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