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A Definitive Ranking of Chapman’s Major Buildings

We love our school, but we definitely have our favorites when it comes to Chapman’s many buildings. Here are some thoughts we all have when we see what buildings our classes are in on the first day of the semester.

8. Crean Hall: "No. Nothing past the train tracks should be considered a legitimate part of campus. Just no."

7. Hashinger: Hashinger literally looks like it was built in the 1970s and then everyone just kind of forgot about it (except for the students who actually have to take classes there). Honestly, if Chapman just dedicated half the amount of money that it puts towards one month of Beckman’s air conditioning bill to rebuilding Hashinger, we totally would not be opposed to it. Let's just say we're really happy about the fact that Hashinger is covered by a bunch of trees. 

6. Smith Hall: Sometimes I sit in Smith and think to myself, “If an earthquake were to happen right now, this building would completely crumble to the ground.” Which, by the way, is totally possible considering all the earthquakes we have here in SoCal.

5. Leatherby Libraries: Who knew the lib had classrooms?

4. Beckman Hall: Beckman is a nice building with solid classrooms, not to mention the fact that it is home to the beloved(?) Jazzman’s. It should be higher on the list, but isn’t because (you guessed it) Beckman Hall is debatably the coldest place in Southern California.

3. Argyros Forum: AF is also extremely cold, (Beckman 2.0) but what saves it is the student union. The student union is personally one of my favorite places to study and if you get hungry, Einstein’s and Jamba Juice are in AF too.

2. Doti Hall: Doti Hall, also known as the building Chapman literally added for the sole purpose of making Memorial Lawn look more symmetrical, (seriously, look it up) is the newest building here at Chapman. It’s super upscale and makes you wonder how much money a school has to have in order add such a nice building for no actual reason.

1. Dodge College of Film and Media Arts: I’m going to be honest here: I’m not a Dodge student so I’ve never actually been inside Dodge. I’ve always seen it as a magical place that I will never be granted entrance into, but word around campus is that Dodge is a pretty cool place. 

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