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Let's be honest- unless your date is paying, you don't want to be spending too much money on just one night out. And while Disneyland is super cute and romantic (aka fireworks) it's not affordable for a date with someone you may never see again. But dating on a budget doesn't have to be boring. There are many inexepensive ways to have a great time on a date while sticking with your budget. 

1. Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is good way to bond with your date over the (scary, for some people) experience! 

2. Cook In

Learn each other's favorite meal, and cook for each other. This saves the money of eating out, and is a casual way to talk. 

3. Visit a Museum 

Cool museums in the area include LACMA, The Huntington, and the Museum of Death. 

4. Hike at Runyon Canyon

Hiking with your date is an inexpensive way of fitting in a workout, great conversation, and a beautiful view of L.A. into one trip. 

5. Visit the Zoo

There's nothing better than cute animals. 

6. Bike at the Beach

Bring your own bike, or rent a tandem! 

7. Kayaking

Spice up the typical beach date with a kayak rental or tour! There are lots of deals online. 

8. Picnic at the Park

Another way of having a meal together while saving money. Make sure, however, that you don't go on a day when it's too hot. 

9. Go to a Farmer's Market

Tell your date to meet you there on a Saturday morning, and give them clues of where to find you (Elizabethtown flashbacks, anyone?). Then spend the rest of the afternoon looking and picking up fresh food. Don't forget the flowers either! 

10. Cheap Movie

This is a great second or third date idea. There are many theaters in the area that show matinees or have cheap tickets. Chapman students also get a student discount at certain theatres! 


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