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Creative Ways to Eat Vegan at the Cafeteria

No matter what diet you follow, it is clear that there are always going to be difficulties when eating at the cafe. The beginning of the year is fine, but going into the second semester, the food becomes bland. Honestly, it gets to a point where if you stop by the Wok station one more time, you might just explode.

Even if you are not a vegan, it can always be helpful to switch up what you eat to prevent boredom with your food. Here are some useful tips to keep it fresh (and healthy!) at the caf.



If possible, it’s always good to ask if there are any vegetarian or vegan options. At the Vegan Station, there’s vegan chicken and burgers available by request, as well as vegetarian options at both the Pasta and Wok Station. You can also go to stations and simply ask for them to make the meal without cheese and meat if it’s something as simple as a salad.



SIDES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Repeat after me. SIDES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Whether it’s a baked potato from one station or rice from the Wok Station and veggies from another, sides can make up a meal. Take advantage of the fact that you can grab different plates and put them together. The pasta salad and other side options next to the Salad Station make for one tasty option.



Similar to the idea of sides, you can easily take from different stations to make your own meal. My recent favorite has been to take greens from the Salad Station and ask for a piece of vegan chicken to put on top. Don’t be afraid to combine the different options when making your meal.



Despite what anyone says, the sandwich station is magical. It’s not for everyday, but a nice sandwich heated up provides enough sustenance to fill you up for the day. Feel free to play around with different condiments and add all your favorite veggies to create different sandwich options.

*Bonus: ask for a piece of vegan chicken or a burger patty so that you can put it in your sandwich or wrap.


When it comes down to it, no matter what you get it’s always good to be mindful of the workers at the Caf. They work super hard to make sure that everyone has food and they clean your plates after you eat. Clear your stuff, clean off your plates, and thank them when you can.:)

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