Campus Cutie Steven Taylor '17

Major: Strategic and Corporate CommunicationsClass: 2017Age: 19Hometown: SacramentoRelationship Status: SingleAffiliation: Fiji

Describe yourself in three words:

Rad, dad, and undergrad… hahaWhat is your go-to date idea?When I lived up North, my only date ideas were the ones that made us feel like a couple of Lewis and Clarks (kayaking, hiking, swimming etc.). Now, I’ve switched up to exhausting my favors from employees at disneyland for 2 free admission tickets.If you were on a deserted island with three things what would they be?A Pirate’s hat, a lot of rum, and sea turtles.Describe your dream girl:She’s blonde with blue eyes and is named Blake Lively.

Do you have any hidden talents?When I was young I picked up the guitar, drums, and piano. And each time after I put them back down.Turn ons and turn offs:You know what stands out, a girl that can change the atmosphere of a group, a party starter, and ESPECIALLY a girl that can hang with the boys. And ass, ass is definitely a turn on. Turn offs?? The jealousy game is not tight, so when the girl I was seeing makes out with Dan From Down the Hall in front of me.. if I was bad at texting before, she’s going to be real frustrated now.Favorite Chapman Memory:May or may not be a “Chapman Memory,” but Fiji went to Vegas for our annual formal and my Scottish roommate and I embarked on “72 Hours of Yes.” As it implies, we could not say “no”… for 72 hours. I'd love to share it on here, but well, you know what they say about Vegas.