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Campus Celebrities: Brandon Higginbotham & Aviv Redlich


Age: 21

Major: Business Administration and Econonmics

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta


Age: 20

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Fremont, California

Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta

Tell us about Sesh:

Brandon: Sesh is a peer-to-peer tutoring app that allows students at Chapman to tutor or get tutored by other Chapman students.  The app essentially works like Uber, allowing students to get matched with tutors instantly or they have the option to schedule a Sesh in advance.  It costs $25 per hour for a student to use Sesh, while Sesh tutors are paid $20 per hour.  Being a Sesh tutor is very flexible because you can work as little or as much as you want.  In order to be a tutor you need to have received an A or B in the class and you prove this by sending in a screenshot of your transcript.

Aviv: You can schedule a group tutoring Sesh and the cost will be reduced per person. It is $5 more per additional person, and you can have a total of 6 people in the Sesh. With a group of this size, each individual person pay $9 an hour, which is cheaper than you can find any other tutoring service.

How did you get involved with Sesh:

Brandon: Sesh contacted me because they saw that I was an involved student at Chapman and presented me with the idea of being hired to launch Sesh at Chapman. 

Aviv: They found us on LinkedIn, and we interviewed and got the job!

What is your favorite part about working with the company? 

Brandon: My favorite part about working with Sesh has been being able to see something that did not exist at Chapman grow into something that many people know about and are currently using.  It’s really cool knowing that my partner and I were responsible for the growth of this company at Chapman.  It’s also awesome being able to meet so many people and share with them the benefits that Sesh can provide for them.

Aviv: They understand that we know our campus the best, so we have the freedom to really do what we feel is the best for the app on campus. It’s nice because Brandon and I are a great team and we both want to see Sesh succeed and be popular on campus, so we challenge ourselves to think outside the box on ways to increase publicity for it.

What’s the most difficult?

Brandon: The most difficult part is just putting in the work to make Sesh well known around campus. We have presented to many classes and greek life chapters about Sesh, in addition to handing out hundreds of flyers to students.  It has been a lot of work trying to get the app well known enough to where it can grow purely through word of mouth.

Aviv: It is often tough to get people excited about apps that relate to school. Unlike social media apps that allow you to connect with your friends in unique ways, people don’t seem too eager to immediately download a tutoring app after hearing about it. What is nice, is that we can advertise that people make $20 an hour tutoring people, so that often gets people excited about it.

Why should people join Sesh?

Brandon: Students should join Sesh because you never know when you are going to have a free hour and a request gets sent in for a class that you can tutor in.  By joining Sesh you would have the opportunity to pick up that request and make $20.  Even if you do not want to be a tutor for Sesh you should just download the app and make an account because you may not be able to get a tutor through the school. 

Aviv: If you know you need help with a class, but can’t get a tutor through the TLT, Sesh is a perfect alternative. I know when I was a freshman, I submitted a request through the TLT for a Financial Accounting tutor in October, and didn’t end up getting a tutor the entire semester.  Furthermore, I think it’s a great way to earn money. If you have a free hour between classes, and you don’t want to go home, why not pick up a sesh and make $20 an hour?

Dream Job:

Brandon: If I could start my dream job tomorrow I cannot really say what specific company I would want to work for, but I would definitely want to be part of a company that allowed for me to have clients of my own that I could build strong relationships with. I love helping people and having a job that I could help people reach their goals or solve their problems would be my ideal job.

Aviv: I would like to work for the FBI as a special agent in either the white collar division, or the organized crime division.

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