Become a Festival Fashionista

There is something magical about music festivals. The moment your ticket scans and the gate opens, you're in a completely different world. Neon lights blast into the sky and the bass from the main stage gives the earth its own heartbeat. You wander around the fairgrounds with people from all walks of life and all different countries. And while you are just one person in a sea of thousands, you are united with every random passerby through a mutual love of music and art. The sense of comradery, the sticky, sweet air, your favorite song roaring over the crowd at full blast - this is what we live for. So before you hit the road, make sure you look the part! 



First things first: you don't need to dress like a hippie to fit in at a music festival. Embrace your personal style with pride! If you want to go full-out bohemian chic, you do you. If you're the type to opt for a plain tank, plaid shirt, and jean shorts, that's great too. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Most likely, it'll be super hot and your clothes will get pretty dirty as you squeeze your way to the front row. Don't sacrifice looking your best for something that isn't functional. P.S. If you're headed to Coachella and Stagecoach these next few weeks, you might want to leave your white bralette and crocheted skirt at home; the desert dust is relentless, and it will cling to your clothes through the wash!


Check out these great stores to find unique, affordable clothing that will have you rockin' all weekend long.


1. Mura Boutique



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5. Miss Holly