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Seems like fashion culture today insists on once again stealing from the old unstylish-tourist-man’s closet. First it was the high-waisted shorts, following that, the Hawaiian shirts, then it was the Birkenstocks, and finally, the socks-and-sandals look. So what, might you ask, are fashionistas taking from him now? Brace youselves… FANNY PACKS.

I’m not even kidding. Take a look at some of these designer babies.


Rebecca Minkoff


Tory Burch

Michael Kors

Yeah okay, so we each probably had one at some time or another in our lives (sixth grade camp, anyone?) but did we really expect them to make a comeback like this?

Personally, I welcome them with open arms. With it being music festival season and all, I can’t think of a more secure way to carry around my must-haves! Sure, someone might be able to reach into your backpack or purse and steal your valuables, but ain’t nobody gettin in yo fanny pack. If they serve only to make life easier, why not welcome these strange little waist bags back into our lives?

SoCal girl with an unhealthy obsession for man buns.
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