5 Webcomics with LGBTQ+ Themes You Need to Read Right Now

Webcomics are a great resource for people searching for representation. Here are some of the best LGBTQ+ webcomics out there!

Sharp Zero by Robot Sharks



Sharp Zero is an excellent balance of action and a diverse group of characters as they battle death and evil do-ers… and Jerry Seinfeld?


Rock and Riot by Furedi Chelsey


This comic follows two rivalry high school gangs in the 1950s as they struggle to accept themselves and find love in unlikely places.


Les Normaux by Knight JJ


Les Normaux is a supernatural comic that takes place in Paris; you are pulled through mystical adventures with Sebastian, a magical human, and his vampire boyfriend.


Griefer Belt by Kales


Griefer Belt is a family hit man business and Lars Van Allen is the charming son of the head that everyone is too obsessed with to be even remotely healthy.


 Danse Orbitale by Prince des oies


Danse Orbitale is a story based off of the artist's original characters explores the flexibility of gender through the dance of ballet.

Go forth and read these webcomics that you know you need!