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5 Reasons You Should Make The First Move

As women, we’re expected and conditioned to buy into to the belief that we should hold back and let the men take the lead on making that first move. God forbid, I find someone mildly attractive and work up the courage to ask him out. As a college woman, I am tired of adhering to this sexist social construct–I call bullshit. Here are five reasons why you, I, and every other single woman should feel comfortable making the first move.

1. It’s empowering as hell. 

Taking charge of your own love life takes some major guts, but taking that first step can be so liberating and lead to a more confident you.

2. Not knowing how someone feels about you sucks.

Worst case scenario: they say no, but hey, at least now you know and can move on. Don’t be in the dark anymore; make the first move so you can stop guessing. 

3. Knowing what you want and going after it is sexy. 

Confidence is truly such an attractive quality on both men and women, so even if you don’t feel that inner confidence yet–fake it until you make it.

4. Flattery works wonders. 

As good as it feels when a cute guy makes a move on you, is how good you will make someone else feel by making the first move.

5. To hell with the patriarchal dating expectations of the times. 

By changing the norms and moving away from sexist and outdated gender norms, you will be helping to rewrite the arbitrary and needlessly strict rules of the dating game. Don’t let yourself fall victim to confining social norms.

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