5 Female Artists That Should Be More Popular

As someone who is sick and tired of the Hot 100 being taken over by men, I believe that female artists right now are making a lot of interesting and engaging music— the sad thing is that many of them seem to go unnoticed, while songs like “Despacito" are overplayed. So, if you are craving new music, here are 5 female artists that should be given more attention. 


1. Tei Shi

Having just released her debut album, Crawl Space, Valerie Teicher, aka Tei Shi, is an artist that hosts versatility. She is both quiet and loud, sensual and strange. Her music ranges from synth to spacious pop.  She can go from whispering lyrics in one moment, to screeching them in the next. All the while she maintains a cool air about her that makes her somebody to look out for. 

Essential Tracks: Bassically, Keep Running, Justify 


2. MØ

You’ve probably heard of MØ, but only through her collaborations with other artists on such songs as “Lean On” by Major Lazor, and “Cold Water” by Diplo and Justin Bieber. But Karen Marie Ørsted deserves to be recognized for her solo career. Inspired by The Spice Girls, especially Sporty Spice, MØ blends electro, bubblegum pop, and punk to create an appealing atmosphere, and uses her captivating vocals to compliment that. 

Essential Tracks: Drum, Final Song, Maiden


3. Charli XCX 

Yes, “Fancy” and “Boom Clap” were two of the biggest songs of 2014. But since then, nobody's really talked about Charli XCX. And that is a shame, because as an artist, Charli XCX is a chameleon. Her repertoire boasts a variety of genres. From dream pop in her debut album “True Romance” to the electronically inspired “Number 1 Angel” mixtape, Charli has something for everybody. 

Essential Tracks: What I Like, Roll With Me, Boys 


4. Banks 

Inspired by female R&B singers like Aaliyah, Santa Ana native Jillian Rose Banks takes brooding alt-pop to the next level. Through her two albums, Goddess and The Altar, she brings an otherworldly vibe that is powerful and seductive. And with a witchy aesthetic that rivals Stevie Nicks, she gives just the right amount of mystery. Some have considered her merely to be the female version of The Weeknd, but she is so much more than that. 

Essential Tracks: This Is What It Feels Like, Warm Water Gemini Feed


5. Haim

Este, Alana, and Danielle Haim have been reaping critic praise for years. And yet not a lot of people seem to know who they are. Surprisingly, an opening spot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour didn't do much for their careers. But these sisters deserve to be recognized. Musicians through and through, their skills are unprecedented. Instrumentally and vocally, they work off each other beautifully, creating layered music that both evokes the past and paves the way for music in the future. 

Essential Tracks: Forever, The Wire, Want You Back