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5 Fashion Brands Owned by People of Color You Need to Know

Underrepresentation of people of color (POC) is a huge issue in the fashion and beauty industry. It spans beyond the models we see, even behind the scenes with designers there is a severe lack of diversity. These five brands are just a few of many that are owned by POC designers and deserve much more attention! If you’re looking for incredibly cute clothes and want to support amazing artists, keep reading!


Simply Cecily

Bold and beautiful, these clothes are inspired by West African fashion with a contemporary American twist.


Christian Omeshun

Curvy, colorful and chic! Any of these pieces will turn heads when you walk into a room.

William Okpo

Graphic and daring designs that’ll have everyone around you asking where you shop for your clothes.


Sincerely, Tommy

Bring some of the opposite coast into your wardrobe with this Brooklyn based brand. From flirty dresses to strappy crop tops Sincerely, Tommy has it all.


Yatir Clothing

Their mission is to have the women who wear their brand feel beautiful and with these clothes it would be impossible not to!

Grace Bell

Chapman '18

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