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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

With the movie, “Fan Girl,” having premiered on National Mean Girls Day (October 3rd, duh.) and the awesome Jingle Ball lineup being announced for us SoCal music fans, it has been the season of giving… to fangirls. And guess what?! It’s only going to keep getting better! Here are some of the ups and downs we face in our thoughts when it comes to fangirl life.


This happens every time when of your favorites artists or writers announce an announcement. Why can’t we just skip straight to the announcement? Because they want to torture us, that’s why.

2. “But I have exactly 7 dollars to my name right now.”

You’re gearing up for the announcement, only to realize you’re a broke college student and this is going to be an interesting hunt for money. You’re suddenly grateful for credit cards.

3. “Who let me spend all this money?”

When you and your friends are fangirls, you can forget self-control. When you want that last minute item at a merch booth, NEVER ask them if you should get it because they will say yes and your bank account will cry.

4. “Why do I like *insert band/author name here* again?”

No, seriously, why? I am emotionally and financially empty because of you all.

5. “Is it appropriate to wear merch all the time?”

Your wardrobe likely consists of mainly Harry Potter shirts you picked up from Hot Topic or random items from some of your favorite concerts. It also *may or may not* be your mating call to any cuties on campus that may hold the same fandoms dear to them.

6. “I’m blocking off ‘x’ amount of time due to an announcement/event ticket buying.”

Admit it: You’ve hoped that you didn’t have class at 10 am, just so you could hop onto your computer and stare at the screen until it’s time. No shame.


And this is what happens when that announcement is finally dropped and no one could stand in your way. (If they try, they might get hurt. So watch out, friends of fangirls! Especially if doesn’t go their way). 

8. “What do I even wear to this?”

Whether you plan your outfit months in advance or the day before an event, this is one of the biggest struggles. Do you go looking like a super fangirl or just attempt to dress cute? Either way, you’ll probably opt for your fave ripped-up skinnies.

9. “Which pictures should I post?”

Your friends may have noticed your running theme of fandoms all over you insta feed, so this is all about what you want to show them. You’ve figured out a system by now: meet and greet pictures first and then a collage and then maybe a not-so-#tbt (and maybe a #mcm if you still have pictures left over).

10. “What am I doing with my life?”

It’s midterms, but your faves just dropped a new song and you just dropped everything for an hour (or maybe more) to keep it on loop.

11. “What do normal people do?”

We’d all really like to know.

12. “*Insert band member’s/fictional character’s name* is my soulmate.”

AND you have proof to back it up.

13. “I’m waiting for more music to commit to memory.”

It’s been a week since your favorite artist’s newest release, but you’re already ready for new stuff because you’ve only been replaying it in every free moment you have.

14. “It’s only ‘x’ days until it’s out. I can do this.”

Whether it’s a book, album, or movie, you forever have a mental countdown in your head and it keeps you going.

15. “Fangirl life is great.”

Despite the very real struggles of #fangirllyfe, you really can’t imagine life without it because it makes you that happy.