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11 Types of Roommates, Explained by Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

Roommates can be any combination of fun, difficult, frustrating and exhausting, but nothing explains roommates better than “Friends” — they said they’d be here for us, after all.

  1. The roommate who never leaves and just hangs out like they have nothing better to do

In reality, you have no *real* reason why they should leave, but why are they still here? Do they have no life? Please leave for both of us.


2. The roommate who is always giving you the “cue”

The door handle might as well be a sock at this point and going in is terrifying because you never know just what you are going to be exposed to.


3. The “communal” roommate

They live by “What’s mine is yours,” but in reality it’s “What’s yours is mine,” because heaven forbid you touch anything of theirs! They kinda just eat, use and consume everything of yours.

4. The frat hoe

Yes, this girl.


5. The extremely passive aggressive one

The one that leaves notes that say “CLEAN THE BATHROOM!!” but they can’t do it themselves because..?


6. The one that’s always sleeping

You’re not exactly sure if they’re dead, but you can’t exactly have friends over because that would be rude.


7. The roommate who wants to know every single detail of your life

You sneak in at 2 a.m. and they are suddenly demanding to know where you were, who you were with, what you ate, why you ate it and, my God, do the questions end?


8. The mature roommate

They’re just so much better than all of us, and feel the need to let us know whenever we do anything even remotely illegal or sexual. Think Ross Geller.


9. The rude one

What human decides that the best way to get along is to make a smoothie at 6 a.m.?? They leave everything a mess and don’t even care. Best part is, there’s always something. Always.


10. The absolutely terrible roommate

EVERYTHING they do annoys you when you know that they’re doing it on purpose. Because why else would your own roommate snitch on you to the RA for something they were directly involved in?? Who does that??


11. And best of all, the soulmate roommate

You *literally* become best friends, and dorm life is like a sleepover every single night! RIP GPA.