Your Guide to Black Friday Shopping!

Shopping on Black Friday, or Colorful Friday as my Lilly Pulitzer journal says, is a crazy, overwhelming, exciting, fun, and sometimes dangerous experience. People are looking for everything from TV’s to makeup pallets. Wherever you find yourself shopping this Friday, make sure you’re prepared for the mayhem ahead of you. Here are a few tips to get you ready!


Tip #1: Plan ahead.

Before you hit the mall this Friday make a list. Decide if your plan is to buy Christmas gifts or just a few things for yourself. You don’t want to get to your shopping destination and purchase more than you needed just because of the sales!


Tip #2: Do some research.

After you decide what to buy, you need to figure out where to buy it. You can do this by comparing prices. This step is especially important if you’re looking for electronic devices. Prices can vary a lot between the different stores.


Tip #3: Make a schedule.

This step is probably only for the most serious Black Friday shoppers. However, it is important to take long lines and driving time into account. This is especially true if you’ll be waiting in lines,  shopping in multiple places, or looking for popular items.


Tip #4: Pick a time.

Are you an early bird shopper or a night owl? Or do you prefer to shop during normal hours? Whichever time you prefer, make sure you pick one before Friday comes. Choosing a time frame is also important because some stores only offer deals during certain hours—make sure you don’t miss anything!


Tip #5: Pick another time—to leave.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck at the mall on Black Friday and missing out on other Thanksgiving weekend festivities. Shopping can be a heavenly experience but remember that you will soon have to go back to school and won’t have the opportunity to hang out with old friends and your aunts, uncles, cousins, and whoever else came in from out of town for Thanksgiving.