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Why the South is the Best Place to Live

We’ve got it all here in the Southeast — good barbecue, Cheerwine, and southern hospitality. The south is the best place to live for a variety of reasons.

People are genuinely nice.

I visited New York a few summers ago. I kept getting confused when I would hold doors for strangers and they didn’t say, “Thank you,” or when I said, “Excuse me” to people and they either gave me a puzzled look or did not respond. People in the south are kind and polite. Not that there aren’t kind people in the north, it’s just a different kind of “kind” here.

Food is good. Too good.

Food in the south isn’t just food; it’s a way of life. We have arguably the best fried chicken and barbecue of anywhere. They don’t even have Bojangles or Cookout outside of the south. How do people live??


No hustle and bustle –  Only slow and steady.

I’m from an extremely small town in western North Carolina. After coming to college, it is obvious just how slowly people live their lives in my hometown. Although some people may find it extremely boring and frustrating, I think it is perfect and weirdly comforting.


Hot in the summer, cold in the winter. Perfectly cool and breezy outside during the fall and springtime. I’ve talked to many people from the north who say they come down south because you just can’t beat the weather.


Not that there isn’t football in other areas, but no one does it like we do in the south. Football is an all day event. I’m pretty sure people in the south have made tailgating a sport.

You can’t go wrong with living in the south. It’s the best place to live for numerous reasons: Football, food, and friendly people. We’ve got it all.

Sophomore at UNC
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