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Ah, yes. It’s time for the holiday that many dread and few like: Valentine’s Day. People seem to think that opinions of Valentine’s Day depend on your relationship status. I’m here to break this stereotype. I cannot stand Valentine’s Day, even in a relationship.

Nothing, in my opinion, is a more useless holiday than this one. Why do you need a day to love the people in your life? Shouldn’t that be an everyday thing? Plus, Valentine’s Day is a difficult holiday. Those who may have to spend the holiday without any loved ones or have lost their significant others can’t find this easy.

Additionally, as your friendly neighborhood radical leftist, I just can’t seem to give in to this wildly capitalist holiday. Let’s be honest; who ACTUALLY wants Valentine’s candy, like those chalky conversation hearts? I’ve never met a person who said, “YESSS, FINALLY! CONVERSATION HEARTS ARE BACK!” No, it’s just not real, and I refuse to think otherwise.

Now, I’m not trying to eradicate all Valentine’s Day lovers. I am the Valentine’s Scrooge, but I understand the appeal. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to go on a date, give each other gifts and tell your significant other you love them, but I could do this every other day, so why is there an allotted day to buy a bunch of cheap things from the store, when your love is probably worth much more than that?

What am I doing for this dreaded holiday, you ask? Being in a long-distance relationship, it’s difficult to make time to see my boyfriend. I will be traveling to Washington D.C., where he goes to school, to visit. Our anniversary just happens to be two days after Valentine’s Day.

Am I celebrating Valentine’s Day? Probably not. Am I going to drink lots of wine and eat chocolate-covered strawberries to celebrate my anniversary? Absolutely. For me, I’m going to celebrate Palentine’s and Galentine’s Day by spending time with the ones I love most. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers. I’m happy for you. I really am… I promise.

Hannah Correll

Chapel Hill '22

Hannah is an aspiring political journalist studying Broadcast Journalism and Political Scientist at UNC. In my free time, Hannah enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching the news, spending money online shopping, traveling all over the country and watching crime documentaries. Follow her instagram @hannahecorrell!