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When it’s Cold Outside, Warm Up Your Hair and Makeup!

The seasons are changing and so should your makeup, Collegiettes! Don’t hide those bold, fabulous colors; instead, move them from your wardrobe to your hair and face!

First, if you are one of many who likes to dye your hair, try an auburn color. It will bring out the great highlights in your skin, no matter the skin complexion. Most importantly, it will resemble the wonderful change of color in the leaves. Take a look at Emma Stone and how she has captured this look. Though she doesn’t have a lot of makeup, this shows how just a little bit of color for your hair can recreate your look.

Second, keep your eyes warm. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your eye shadow needs to be harsh–warm it up with gold and bronze tones. Rihanna shows us how to make it look natural by highlighting the features in her hazel eyes. Highlight the crease of your eyes with a dark brown or charcoal gray, and make the brow line pop with a nice natural frost. Then, put on your favorite mascara. Make it all come together with a simple cat eye using a brown eyeliner. Third, put emphasis on your check bones with a bronzer. This will surely make your skin glow, no matter the outside weather.

Most importantly, with the cold winds determined to make your lips burn from that cold weather, protect them while making a fashion statement. For glamorous lips in the fall, simply glide on a bold, red lipstick. If lipstick isn’t your thing, go ahead and substitute it with a high-shine lip-gloss. If you’d like to tone it down a bit, a natural color to your skin tone will surely get the attention of all who pass by on campus. Taylor Swift gives us a great example on how to capture this look.

While being a college student makes it difficult to keep up with ever-changing makeup trends, keep yourself up-to-date by following this link. For additional trends, see here.


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