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What to Wear Out (For Girls Who Like Cardigans)

Cardigans are a pivotal part of many women’s wardrobes, but some girls like them more than others. These girls who love cardigans, and I must admit I am one of them, will look for any excuse to wear them, whether it is as an extra layer under a jacket, over a tank top when it’s 90 degrees outside or even by wearing two cardigans. 

But problems arise when your friends want to go out on the weekends and the cardigan-lover of the group is wearing basically the same thing she wears every day to class. While cardigans are very cute, they do not give off a very confident vibe because of their shapeless, yet oh so very comfortable, fit. So here are three alternatives to cardigans that still offer the extra layer but have more shape and can transform an outfit instantly.

1. The Blazer
It is a well-known fact to any girl who reads magazines frequently that a blazer is something every woman needs in her closet, and it also is a great alternative to a cardigan. A well-tailored blazer can give anyone a great shape and can be worn in a variety of ways. Throw a classic navy one on over a T-shirt, like this street style star in Paris, and wear it with skinny jeans and boots if you’re having a low key night, or grab a sleek black blazer and put it on over a skirt and tank top if you want to look more dressed up. Either way, a blazer instantly adds the extra layer that you’re looking for but looks much more put together than your old cardigan.

2. The Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is another awesome substitute for a cardigan. Like a blazer, it gives women definition at the waist and shows that you have a body, but it also gives your outfit an edge. Some girls are intimidated by the idea of a leather jacket because they think they can’t pull it off, but it actually is very versatile. You can wear it over a floral dress, like one might do with a cardigan, or wear it over a floaty top like Emily Shuman of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Both of these options will look fantastic for a night out, so next time you go out, leave the cardigan at home and swap it for a leather jacket.

3. The Cropped Jacket

A cropped jacket is another option that you can wear to go out in a variety of ways to change it up from a cardigan. Cropped jackets can be basic, like a blazer, but they can also be statement pieces. Blake Lively shows us how a cropped jacket can make a statement with this gold number, which she paired with a basic white tank and bright blue pants. Cropped jackets, especially ones in bright colors or have unique textures, can make a basic outfit instantly more fashionable and dressed up. Regardless of the way you wear it, a cropped jacket is a big step up from your cardigan and you are sure not to blend in if you wear one.

So, for all of you girls who love cardigans, hopefully next time you’re ready to go out, you choose one of these options. I know the cardigan will be tempting, but I can assure you one of these alternative layers will offer the comfort of your cardigan but look much better for going out.

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