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Hello Chapel Hill students! Everyone at Her Campus hopes you are having a great spring break! If you didn’t know, we are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram! You can visit the post to enter here. To be entered into the giveaway you must do four things. One, tag three friends in the comments. Two, like the post. Three, follow us on Instagram! And four, be a UNC student.

There are two different prizes you can win. The grand prize winner will get a full-size intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed and a welcome kit, which includes different skincare samples of a hydrating serum, eye cream, hydrating cream, and a mask. An additional five people can win welcome kits!

Before you enter this giveway though, you might be thinking, “What is Innisfree?” Well, this post will answer your questions!

Innisfree is a Korean-based brand founded by Sunghwan Suh. All of their ingredients are from Jeju Island; Innisfree does not use any chemicals or preservatives in their work. Their name comes from the poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” by William Butler Yeats. According to innisfree’s website, the poem is about leaving an urban life behind for a wonderful oasis like Jeju island (innisfree).

Innisfree has four main pledges. The first promises “healthy beauty through natural ingredients,” and the second focuses on inclusivity: innisfree is determined to make sensibly priced products for all skin types. They also want to provide an escape to Jeju island, much like the focus of the Yeats poem the company got their name from. Lastly, the company wants to “preserve and protect nature’s vitality through eco-conscious narratives” (inisfree).

To learn more about Innisfree, check out this infographic provided by the company on their website.

Innisfree’s beauty philosophy is focused on all prevention, as Korean culture is as well. Instead of treating “problems,” like fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and more, innisfree hopes to prevent these perceived flaws.

Feel free to learn more about the innisfree brand at their website. Of course, also apply to our giveaway here on our Instagram page!

Have a great rest of your spring break and we’ll see you soon!


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Gennifer Eccles is an alumna at UNC Chapel Hill and the co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Chapel Hill. She studied English and Women & Gender Studies. Her dream job is to work at as an editor for a publishing house, where she can bring her two majors together to help publish diverse, authentic and angst-ridden romance novels.
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