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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him…and Her!

Valentine’s Day: love, appreciation, chocolate, flowers…gifts?! You are a week out from the biggest day to show your appreciation for your loved one and you completely blank on what to get them. Never fear! Let this gift guide direct you towards items your significant other will love and appreciate, no matter how long you have been together.

For the 3 Month Relationship:

Him: Guys can be somewhat impossible to buy gifts for. But by this point, you know his likes and dislikes, his interests, and his hobbies. Harding-Lane is a great company making pre-weathered, hand-stitched needlepoint $30 baseball caps with nearly any symbol imaginable. He likes to ski? There is a hat for him. Sailing? They’ve got that too! Better yet…you can customize a hat to fit his off-the-wall interests. This usable gift is perfect to showcase your attention to the little things about him and he is guaranteed to love your thoughtfulness!

Her: You have been out a few times, made some memories, but probably no where near the diamond necklace stage representing your undying love for her. However, that does not mean girls do not love jewelry (because we do)! A reasonable gift is this Kate Spade classic gold bangle for $32. And look, engraved inside- “Heart of Gold”…how perfectly simple can it get! This item says you took the time to think of a nice, useful gift, without stepping over the line (or breaking your bank). The message is sweet and she is sure to wear it wherever she goes!

For the 6 Month Relationship:

Him: Things have been going great! And at this point, it means you probably know his music taste down to a science. It’s even better because you both love the same artist- and they are coming to your city this spring! The tickets with the perfect view of the stage are on sale and you know he would do anything to be there. It is time to splurge a little, ladies. Purchase tickets for you both (bonus: it’s like a little gift to yourself), and surprise him! He will love that you thought ahead to get the tickets and love it even more if you share the experience with him.

Her: Do not panic, we are not that hard to shop for. In fact, here is a secret…we really like usability; gifts that we can use again and again make them all the more special. By 6 months, you have been together for a while, and maybe you are planning on taking a trip together (with those awesome tickets she just got you, the chances are high). This Scout Weekender bag for $50 is the perfect excuse to get out of town with her! In funky prints she is sure to love, it is multifunctional and something she can use for multiple occasions. If you are feeling extra creative, slip in something small (a certificate for a pedicure, or one of her favorite stores). Whether or not she takes this great tote on a trip with you or her family, she is sure to think of the sweet person who got it for her whenever she packs for vacation!

For the 1 Year (and beyond) Relationship:

Him: When in doubt, always go classic. You have been together for a while now, so superfluous gifts might not mean as much as they did a few months ago. Timeless pieces can go a long way. There really is nothing more useful than this Patagonia pullover for $119. He can wear it often, and it can be found in multiple colors or a print that fit his style. A versatile gift like this is something he will appreciate and on those colder days, be more than thankful to the sweet girl who got it for him!

Her: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”…okay, we may not be that capable, but we do love shoes. A personal favorite are the Jack Rogers sandals below for $110. This shoe is gorgeous, comfortable (once you have broken them in), and fun! They come in endless styles from the classic sandal to classy wedges, in any color combination you can imagine, they can even be monogrammed. Go simple with a metallic sandal she can wear with anything, or customize the sandal to fit your school colors for game day- the options are endless! Whatever you choose, she will love your thoughtfulness and be able to wear them as often as she pleases (they last forever).

*prices vary by style and color*

Aside from the standard chocolate and flowers, these gifts are an extra something they will love…and use! Gifts do not always have to be ridiculously expensive, just as long as there is time and effort, and it is from the heart!


Sara Ingraham is a junior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she is pursuing a Political Science and English double major. She is a Kappa Kappa Gamma. She represents the Panhellenic Community as the Vice President of Special Events. Her free time is full of running, tennis, hiking, fashion, and traveling. Sara has lived all over the country, but has a love for the East Coast. Any afternoon with "When Harry Met Sally" and a good book is an afternoon well spent.
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