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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you loooooove Fall. The leaves, the cider, the pumpkin spice and everything nice. In North Carolina, sometimes the fall weather doesn’t quite hit us, but when it does it’s magical.

We’ve got a lot of this glorious season ahead of us, so I’ve put together a little bucket-list of things to do in Chapel Hill (and other places in the Triangle) that will help you get into the Autumnal spirit!


1. Embrace Football Season

Whether you’re a diehard fan or not, going to a football game is like the pinnacle of the Fall experience. The Heels need a lot of love and cheer this season, and a solid student section turnout is a step in the right direction. And not to mention the ~fire~ performances from the Dance Team, Cheerleaders and the Marching Band. Don’t forget to attend a tailgate or two and make some good mems!!



2. Parent’s Weekend/Homecoming

Two fall staples for UNC. One welcomes your families into your college life, and the other welcomes Tar Heels back home for a weekend full of fun. Franklin St. is poppin, campus is poppin, and you pretty much can’t wait for everyone to leave….but it helps mark time in the semester and it can honestly be really fun! Embrace them!



3. Halloween on Franklin

I mostly put this on here as a reminder to start planning your costumes….NOW! Seriously, you need a few weeks to get it perfect. Whether you find a super obscure Si-Fi character to reinvent, or your whole squad gets together for a group costume, this holiday goes H A R D.



4. Rocky Horror

Pauper Players, the Varsity theater, and raunchy fun. A tradition in many Halloweekend plans and an undeniably fun time. This year will be my third, but I always love finding “Rocky Virgins” to drag along. This Cult-Classic is a must-do.



5. Pumpkin Patch

UGH THE TRUE SIGN OF FALL! There’s nothing like going into a field and finding the perfect pumpkin for your fall decorations. You can carve it with an insane drawing if you’re bold, or just keep it whole and let it live for the rest of the year. (Shoutout to my friend Grayson who has had his pumpkin for approx. 11 months…)



6. Movie Marathons

Hocus Pocus? Harry Potter? Michael Myers? Pick the genre that strikes your fancy and get all your pals together for a cozy movie marathon. This is perfect for any weekend you aren’t swamped with homework and it’s great for bonding. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and popcorn, and make sure to squeeze in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” It’s a true classic.



7. Fall Candles/Baking

Go crazy in Target and TJ Maxx. I give you full permission. Buy all the candles and all the yummy ingredients for the perfect fall evening. Pumpkin Spice is only acceptable for a couple of months out of the year. MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!



8. NC State Fair

THE BEST FALL TRADITION!! Seriously go if you haven’t. Buy some deep fried oreos and go look at all the prize winning farm animals. Get your besties together and take some cute pics with all the state fair staples. Ride some sketchy roller coasters and buy some tacky t-shirts. Have the time of your life!



9. Take a mountain trip

Fall in Chapel Hill is pretty, but Fall in the mountains is something else. The vibrant orange of the leaves, the crisp mountain air and just a moment away from campus. You can usually always find a group that’s headed west for the weekend, and you should undoubtedly tag along.



10. Survive Midterms & Make it to Thanksgiving

This is the ultimate task during the fall. Surviving. Once you’ve aced those exams (like I know you will) you can have a relaxing day of gluttony before you arrive back to campus for the home stretch.



Check off some of these bucket-list items and I promise you’ll have a good time embracing Fall. You can also add your own things (which I highly encourage you to do!) Enjoy every second of Fall in Chapel Hill!!! It’s a time you won’t want to miss!!

Miranda Veal

Chapel Hill '20

Miranda is a junior at UNC Chapel Hill. She is currently pursuing a degree in Advertising as well as Social and Economic Justice. She is the recruitment and retention sub-chair for the UNC Dance Marathon. She is passionate about equality, true-crime and exotic food. When she isn't overcommitting herself, Miranda enjoys cooking, binge watching, petting cats and drinking coffee.