#TurkeyTalk: Gratuitous List of Things I'm Hungry For

The stereotypical dining hall craze that first-year students seem to experience en masse has diminished. I miss home cooked meals, and, as I compose this listicle, hedonistically, six days before I’m due to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m salivating. 


  1. 1. Quiche Lorraine

    I’ve noticed a trend with my other Italian-American friends that, despite this being a French dish, our culture really manages to whip it up best. Our family recipe is no exception. It’s served on Thanksgiving morning during the parade, and the wafting scent when I come downstairs after waking up? Incomparable.

  2. 2. Mashed Potatoes

    Classic and rated highly for a reason. At home, I’m the designated taste tester -- not to flex, but I’ve been told I have a gift: I can signal when there is enough milk in a batch, enough butter, if it’s been beaten well enough. It’s a burden I gladly carry.

  3. 3. Chocolate Pie

    It’s just fancy pudding in a pie crust (I think?), and, honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything else. It hits different in November; that’s for sure.


  4. 4. Apple Pie

    See, I don’t even like apple pie all that much. I’m just using this to humbly brag and let everyone know that I make a kickass apple pie. Perfect cinnamon:apple ratio [chef's kiss].

  5. 5. Stuffing

    Because we are not heathens, our family consumes the stuffing outside the turkey. There are little, cut up apple slices and sausage bits, and I am personally responsible for picking apart the bread -- typically as I angle my chair, so I can watch the SNL Thanksgiving medley at the same time.

  6. 6. Turkey

    As a kid, the meat was my least favorite part of the meal, but as I get older, I can tell you that a good drumstick or wing is absolutely divine. Sometimes, a good taste of dark meat is all it takes to convert you.

  7. 7. Being Grateful for Family and Friends <3

    I’m just kidding. I meant my mom’s divine bread bowl dip.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.