T-Minus 21: 30 Things to Do Before Graduation Day

The time is almost here fellow seniors! That glorious day where we can proudly tell our family “we made it,” turn the tassels and are no longer UNC students, but alumni. But, don’t get all emotional- this next month should be filled with fun, not sadness. After all, after May 12, we won’t be able to get away with all the fun UNC students have. So here is your list of things to do before graduation day!

  1. Visit Duke. If you haven’t gone to the school down the road in all your years here, do it. See the Chapel, see the students, see what the rivalry is all about. For fun, spend one night at Duke out on the town. Visit Shooters or one of the local bars. Bonus points if you wear UNC gear or burst out in our alma mater.

  2. Go into Kenan Stadium at night. Okay...this may not really be allowed, but you gotta do it. Sneak in with your friends and sit in the stands you’ve sat in for football games past, run the field, and reminisce on all the Tar Heel victories you’ve been able to see.

  3. Go to East End’s Country Night. If you haven’t been to Country Night, you must go! Three words: 25 cent beer. Downstairs you can enjoy good ole country music and beer on tap, while upstairs you can order mixed drinks (for those who dislike the aquired taste of beer) and dance the night away to today’s hits.

***Visit each bar on Franklin Street. Take a break from job searching, studying, or freaking out about graduation day and have a drink (or a few). ***

  1. The Library: No, not Davis or the UL. This bar on Franklin features $1 tequila shots on select days, a dance floor, booths and fairly cheap cover. You’re sure to have a good time here, and if your parents ask, just tell them you’re having a blast at the library.

  2. Top Of The Hill: Put on your best dancing shoes and climb the steps up to TOPO! During the day, TOPO is the restaurant you beg your family to take you to (and pay for) and at night, it’s the place where you’ll want to beg all your friends to meet you. The drinks are tall, and there is indoor and outdoor seating. Plus, no need to stand in line elsewhere for food afterwards- TOPO has a limited menu after hours so you can eat, drink and be merry. Try the Kansas City Ice Water. You’ll thank me later.

  3. Get your blue cup from He’s Not. He’s Not is the bar that you absolutely need to go to before you graduate. It’s been rumored this was one of Michael Jordan’s favorite spots during his stay here, and it might become yours, too. Plenty of beers on tap (and wine if you’re feeling fancy)!

  4. Goodfellows. One word: Karaoke. This bar hosts great drinks, karaoke,and often free cover.

  5. The Blue Horn Lounge. Although small, this bar has great, reasonably priced drinks and super friendly bartenders. Plus, often the bartender will let you request your favorite song/artist!

  6. Color a brick- Find a loose brick somewhere- you know, the one you always trip over on the way to class- and decorate it! Ta-da! A keepsake from your years at Carolina!

  7. Take a picture at the Old Well.

  8. Go to the Basketball Museum.

  9. Eat at Lenior and Rams one last time.

  10. Get a swipe from a lower year.

  11. Tell people you’re a senior at least 13 times in one day.

  12. Skip class and sit in the pit.

  13. Go the library one last time. And actually do work- or don’t.

  14. Buy something from the student stores. Proceeds go towards scholarships- so you’re giving back to the school who gave you so much!

  15. Go to class early - or late- for a change.

  16. Walk in on a class ten minutes before it ends. Because you’re a senior. Bonus points if it isn’t a class you’re scheduled in.

  17. Dress like you did your first year. We all know our styles have changed. Why not reminisce and bring back that style- just for one day. Bonus points if you incorrectly pronounce Dey Hall.

  18. Sit in on another class. Maybe you didn’t get into this class, or your best friend has it. Sit in on another class- even a class outside of your major- just for the fun of it.

  19. Eat at a restaurant (on campus or on Franklin) that you’ve never eaten at.

  20. Eat a sugarland cupcake.

  21. Go to Yogurt Pump.

  22. Feed a squirrel.

  23. Wear all UNC apparel one day.

  24. Ride the P2P all the way around.

  25. Listen to the Pit Preacher.

  26. Have the most epic week in preparation for graduation! Pick one or two (or all) of these great specials to party hard and celebrate your seniority:

    1. Monday: go to Rec Room for $1 wells

    2. Tuesday: Country Night

    3. Wednesday: $1 Tequila Shots at The Library

    4. Thursday: R&R free with your one card!

    5. Friday: Carolina Coffee Shop: $3 Long Island Teas

  27. Don’t stress! Although graduation brings the idea of the real world, work, and bills, it also can be a time of celebration. You made it!! All the all nighters, exams, final papers and presentations are over. And you made it through! You are one of the few who will proudly display the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on your diploma. So de-stress and celebrate! Congratulations graduate!