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Street Style Inspiration: Funk Up Your Look Today!

While I have only been studying abroad in Hong Kong a little over two weeks now, I have already gotten exposed to unique Asian fashion and some of its hot trends right now. I have seen many “funk up” their look here, whether it is by sporting a puffer jacket, wearing a sweater with pom-poms on it, or throwing on boots completely covered in fur. While I can’t see myself wearing any of these items, let me tell you one thing: the Hong Kong-ers pull it off well.
Can you see yourself rocking a funky, Asian street style look? If you just said no, think again. It doesn’t take much effort to “funk up” your style, and you don’t have to give up your own personal style to do it either. “Funking up” your look can be as easy as wearing two different kinds of stripes or prints together, adding a bright color to your outfit or putting on a wacky accessory. Hong Kong street style is animated and fun, so you can’t go wrong with any look you put together as long you’re confident and light-hearted about it.
If you want to put a funky spin on to your everyday look, check out the following tips inspired by Asian fashion and Hong Kong street style! Simply apply these tips to one of your outfit pieces and you’ll make a common winter look your own in no time.

Oversized sweater: Add some fringe.
I could wear an oversized sweater every day of the winter season. They’re warm and comfortable; they also help to pull off an effortless look. Adding some fringe puts a unique spin on this wardrobe essential—pretty much anyone can pull off an oversized sweater, but now you make the look all your own.
2. Sweater dress: Add some print.
Winter in Hong Kong is milder than winter in Chapel Hill, but a sweater dress is sure to keep you warm in either location. Adding a subtle Nordic print is not only fitting for the winter season, but adds a quirky, granny-chic element to your look. Can you pull it off?

3. Lace-up boots: Add some fur.
I’m going to say it right now: I think very few people can rock a “boots completely covered in fur” look. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to completely stay away from fur. Lace-up boots with a fur lining are cute and edgy at the same time. If you don’t think you can pull that off, simply fold over the tops of that tall pair of UGGs you wear to class!
What do you think? Would you take on any of these style challenges? If you aren’t willing to sacrifice the time or money to “funk up” your look through outfit pieces, you can always add an accessory that does the same. In my case, I never understood the Hello Kitty craze before this semester, and now for some reason, I found myself hunting through Hong Kong’s street markets for a Hello Kitty phone charm!
Think about it — globalize your style, get inspired by Asian fashion and “funk up” your look today!

Hong Kong Street Fashion Couple 1 (photo): Style-Tips, http://www.style-tips.com/hunting/?p=2651
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Nordic Pattern Knit Sweater Dress (photo): Yesstyle, http://www.yesstyle.com/en/monob-nordic-pattern-knit-sweater-dress/info.html/pid.1023981193
Lace-up Ankle Boots (photo): Yesstyle, http://www.yesstyle.com/en/the-mari-fleece-trim-lace-up-ankle-boots/info.html/pid.1023875683
Accessories (photo): Polyvore creation by Nancy Torres, http://www.polyvore.com/

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