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Spring Preview

As students discuss midterms and spring break between classes and in the Union, another subject has captivated conversation — the weather! For the last couple of weeks, the weather has volleyed between hot, cold and everywhere in-between. With the tease of perfect spring temperatures, students began pulling out their favorite spring ensembles. Here are few photos of girls who were particularly stylish is our UNC-CH spring weather preview.

Blue Cardigan- A fashionista pairs high-waisted printed shorts with a straw hat and blue cardigan for a particularly European look.

Purple Belted Shirt- This fashionista pairs a light purple button-up with ripped jeans and metallic accessories for a polished, yet edgy look.

Collared Dress- A collared dress with a feminine silhouette is right on target for the ladylike trends coming this spring!

Jean Jacket-A jean jacket paired over a floral dress is just the right balance for this windy and warm weather!

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