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Spring Break 2012: Planning the Perfect Getaway

Now that the fall semester is winding down and the weather is getting colder, there is no better time to start planning the perfect getaway this spring break. You only have one week of vacation to leave all your worries (and your homework) at home. Whether you are looking for somewhere tropical to cut loose or you would rather try something different, here is what you need to know about how to plan the ultimate spring break experience.

One of the biggest limitations of spring break is travelling on a college budget. StudentCity, among other travel agencies, is a great resource for planning trips without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the top destinations:

Cancun, Mexico is the ultimate tropical getaway for spring breakers. You get the excitement and benefits (especially if you’re under 21) of going out of the country. With it’s non-stop nightlife, concerts and beautiful weather, Cancun is the ideal place to spend your vacation.

Panama City Beach, Florida is another destination for many students who want to party, but want to stay in the States. Although the temperatures will be colder, there is always something fun to do with fellow spring breakers from all over the country.

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most popular and entertaining destinations, especially if you’re over 21. StudentCity and other travel agencies offer packages to make sure you are getting the most of your money and time. Plus, you’d casually get to stay and party at The Palms! After all, what happens in Vegas…

Not looking to party or fun in the sun? Check out some of these alternatives:

Take a road trip. If you don’t have any plans to travel anywhere extravagant, take off for a few days with some friends to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. It may not be Jamaica, but you can still escape and make the most of your break.

Relax. Sure, the never-ending party scene is fun, but sometimes you need a little R&R to recover from the stresses of school and life in general. Take this time to breathe and spend time with family or friends from home.

Volunteer. Whether you volunteer locally or internationally, there are tons of alternative spring break trips that allow you to still have fun while helping other people.

Need any more ideas? This is what some your fellow Tar Heels have in mind:

  • Junior Taylor Bridgers is planning on hitting the slopes and partying hillside in the mountains of West Virginia.
  • Sophomore Maggie Conner is going snorkeling in the Virgin Islands with her Marine Ecology class.
  • Senior Andrea Perdomo is taking her birthday celebrations on a cruise to the Bahamas with some of her best friends.
  • Juniors Abby Harrill and Nora Chan are crossing the pond to explore Madrid for the week.


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