Six Adorable Halloween Makeup Looks

Whether you’re going trick or treating with younger siblings or dancing the night away at a Halloween party, these six looks will be definitely steal the show.

1. Tinkerbell
As every little girl’s favorite fairy, Tinkerbell would be an awesome choice for a Halloween costume. Her makeup look includes lots of glitter, long lashes, and green tinted eye shadow.

Here’s a tutorial for a more involved Tinkerbell makeup look.

2. Vampire
At first a vampire may not seem to be the most lucrative Halloween costume idea. However, with a vampy dark lip, black liner, and a pale face, you can make the vampire look on-trend and super sexy. Think about adding some knee high boots and a black cape for your costume.

Here are two helpful tutorials on vampire makeup.

3. Flapper
Everyone is still raving about the summer movie hit Great Gatsby. The costumes, makeup, and scenery were unreal, so why not bring some of the fun from the 20’s to your campus with a flapper girl costume? This look includes a bold lip, thin eyebrows, and lots of eye makeup.

Here’s a tutorial for inspiration.

4. Deer
Channel your inner child and go back to your Bambi watching days, when deer weren’t enemies on the road, but super cute Disney movie stars. The Bambi look is very simple. It calls for mascara or false lashes for huge deer-like eyes, white face paint or eyeliner for spots, and a pink/ nude lip.

Here’s a tutorial for the deer Halloween look.


5. Mermaid
Dive under the sea and be a beautiful mermaid for Halloween. This look is a bit more complicated but is absolutely fabulous. Multi colored eye shadow, long lashes, and a glowing face would bring your mermaid makeup to perfection.

Here are two makeup tutorials that give in depth step-by-step mermaid makeup help:


6. Lion
Another Disney favorite is the Lion King, if you’re thinking about being an animal for Halloween, a lion is a great option. Create the lioness eyes with liquid black liner all the way into your crease, add the lion’s nose with face paint or a pencil liner, and finish off the look with crazy curly hair for the lion’s mane

Here’s a simple tutorial for the lion look.