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Ramsey Scofield ’14

Name: Ramsey Scofield
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Year: Freshman, 2014
Major: Business and Economics double major

Favorite Coldstone Flavor: Birthday Cake with gummy bears and sprinkle toppings

Favorite Studying Spot: Davis, especially the 7th floor!

Fun Fact: This is kind of weird, but I can lick my elbow!

Motto: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Dream Job: A trophy husband! No, for real, a patent lawyer.

Favorite Restaurant on Franklin: BSki’s

Dream Vacation: Florence, Italy. I want to practice my Italian since I’m in Italian 101!

If You Could Change the World: I would put more hours in a day.  There is never enough time to do the things I want!

Favorite City: Washington D.C. It’s close to my hometown and really picturesque. Plus, it’s full of important people and things!
Ramsey Scofield knew it was fate that led him to Carolina; after all, he and the mascot basically share the same name! He has had no problem transitioning to UNC, and he has made quite a name for himself around campus in the process. There is hardly a freshman on campus that has not met Ramsey or at least heard of him. An engaging and fun person with tons of personality, it would be difficult to forget meeting him. Ramsey enjoys music, singing, reading and hanging out with his friends.  He also loves animals, especially dogs, and going to the beach every summer. Acting is one of Ramsey’s little-known interests, and he thinks it would be cool to spend a few years after college in the big city dabbling in the profession. Ramsey‘s favorite activity is being a member of UNC’s new coed a cappella group, the Tarpeggio’s. He loves simply sitting in the Pit and seeing all the different people and interesting things, taking long walks around campus and enjoying nature. Ramsey also is a die-hard fan of the basketball team and admits that it was one of the reasons he chose to attend Carolina. 

Rushing Franklin after the winning game against Duke is one of his favorite memories so far from his freshman year. It is well-known that Ramsey gets asked to attend almost every sorority cocktail, which Ramsey describes as the best part of college for him. He jokes that his top goal at UNC is to become the honorary male member of a sorority before graduating.  If you see Ramsey around campus, be sure to introduce yourself because he is always eager to meet new people!

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