Pro Tips From a Frequent Flyer


Every out-of-state student knows the true struggle of how difficult a simple weekend trip home can be. From packing your luggage to getting to the airport, almost every step of traveling is an ordeal. However, as a long-distance-traveling veteran, I am here to be your friend and give you some of the most crucial advice I have discovered from years of traveling.


Dress for Every and Anything

I cannot emphasize enough how important this tip is: layer your outfits. No matter where you are traveling you should have at least Capri length (if not longer) pants and one sweatshirt/jacket. Even if you are leaving 100-degree weather and going to 90-degree weather, you never know how many passengers are going to be blasting the air conditioning on the plane. You can always take off more layers to cool down, but if you do not have a spare jacket on you, you are going to have to suffer through the frozen, musty air for your entire flight.

On-The-Go Charging


Along with being cold, nothing is worse than being stranded somewhere and your phone or iPod dying on you. My biggest suggestion as a veteran traveler is to invest in a good portable phone charger. It has been the greatest purchase I have ever made and you can pick up a fairly good quality one from any Walgreens. That way, you don’t have to rely on finding an open outlet and can charge anywhere, anytime.

Do Not Wait In a Seat

While you are charging your devices, you can get up and move around. Remember that every second you are standing is a gift; especially on longer flights where you are stuck sitting in an uncomfortable seat forever. Walk around, see something new, explore the airport before your flight. Don’t wait in a chair at the gate but choose to stretch your legs walking up and down different concourses. It makes every flight a little more bearable because you have not been sitting longer than necessary.

Fear The Packaged Goods


It can be tempting when all of the colorful packaging is lined up in front of you on display and although I am a huge supporter of Oreos and soda, making these things the main staple of your travel diet is one of the worst decisions ever made. You already feel gross enough being squeezed in between two sweaty people for the entire flight but feeling gross and sluggish on the inside makes it even worse. If you are not able to grab an actual meal at one of the many restaurants that inhabit most airports (I am not talking about fast food), you do not have to be stuck eating a week old sandwich or salad from one of the stores. If you look, most of the shops sell plenty of fruit such as apples, bananas, and oranges, but they are also filled with delicious nuts, yogurts, and hummus and vegetables.


Multiple Forms of Entertainment

With this one I am not talking about bringing your computer, your iPod, and your phone. The general rule I have developed over the years is for every hour you are on your flight you should bring one thing to do. Even if you are able to read a book for hours on end at home, a plane is a completely different type of environment and you get bored much more quickly. So prepare yourself with something electronic, a book, a magazine, a card game, even a coloring book can keep you entertained on the longest of flights. Give yourself options to make sure your aren’t trapped staring out a window for hours on end.

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