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The Perfect Blogs for a Healthy College Lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Being a student in college will definitely be the best four years of your life. Think about it: you spend some of your day in classes, but the remainder of your time is spent exactly how you choose it. You can study, go out, stay up late, eat whatever you want, be a couch potato, not answer to your parents (most of the time), and so much more. With all this freedom at our fingertips, this leaves us with decisions that will shape our lives during those four years. Two of the most important things we can do for our bodies in college are to choose healthy eating options and to exercise regularly. It is not the easiest thing to do because when we aren’t doing school-related activities, most of us want to let loose and have some fun. Well, I have found some great blogs that are perfect for college girls who want to have fun while also living a healthy life. They provide tips on healthier food options as well as easy fitness tips.

I have rounded up five blogs that I have followed in the past and that I follow now. The great thing about blogs is that they are everywhere! I usually find great ones on Pinterest (like most of these) or from word-of-mouth through friends and relatives. So, definitely check these awesome blogs out and use them to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the hectic and crazy college days!

1. Katie’s Fitness Rx

The first blog I want to share is by an amazing girl from my hometown. Her name is Katie Ringley, she is currently studying pharmacy at Campbell University School of Pharmacy, and she is also a Beachbody coach. Her mission is based in spirituality and includes taking care of our bodies because they are our temples. She has a Facebook page as well as a blog, and they are both extremely helpful in guiding young people towards a healthier lifestyle. She provides simple fitness tools and healthy foods that she does in her everyday life. Her blog also includes information about eating disorders, which can affect many college-aged girls. I definitely recommend checking out her blog and following “Katie’s Fitness Rx” on Facebook!

Blog: http://faithabounding.blogspot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatieRingley
Team Beachbody: http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/KRingley

2. Hungryfitness: “For people as crazy about food and fitness as we are”

This fitness blog is provided by “two retired college athletes with a passion for all things health and fitness.” They want to help you reach goals you have, and their blog provides so much inspiration and motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the blog, they provide information about their fitness goals, healthy recipes that look delicious and workouts to keep you healthy. Check it out!

Blog: http://hungryfitness.com/

3. Eat yourself Skinny!

“I’m a 20 something foodie with a passion for cooking and a huge desire to make being healthy fun!” Healthy eating is hard, but it can be fun! Kelly’s blog can help you make healthy eating something that you want to do, not that you have to do. Her blog has an extensive list of healthy recipes that look absolutely delicious, which is one of the main reasons it drew me in. Go follow her blog and get started!

Blog: http://www.eat-yourself-skinny.com/

4. Yummy Workout: Food & Fitness

This combined food and fitness blog is by Amy Logan, an active and inspiring girl that also recently started a non-profit for women in Guatemala.” I’m all about being active, so follow me as I explore some healthy, delicious foods & awesome, heart pumping workouts.” Her blog is extremely motivational, so if you’re ever feeling like you can’t get through a , or you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect blog for you! Her pictures, quotes and fworkoutunny clips will keep you going, so go get motivated today!

Blog: http://yummyworkout.tumblr.com/

5. Teeny Tiny Thighs

This blog by “Minnie” is a great fitness blog that will help you get into shape without the same boring routine every day. “I’m working towards becoming the best possible version of me.” One of the things I love about this blog is that she describes everything she does, what she doesn’t do and how to shake things up while staying fit. She also includes other blogs and she has a very light and inspiring tone. Following this fitness blog is a must, and you won’t regret it!

Blog: http://teenytinythighs.tumblr.com/

These blogs are just a few of my personal favorites. I definitely recommend checking out their pages and following them. Your lifestyle in college is extremely important to your health, and these blogs provide simple ways of living that lifestyle and motivation to keep going! Enjoy healthy food, enjoy working out, and enjoy your life!

Melissa Paniagua is a senior journalism major at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, specializing in public relations. She is currently a fashion market intern at ELLE Magazine. On campus, Melissa acts as the Her Campus president as well as the vice president of the Carolina Association of Future Magazine Editors, UNC’s Ed2010 chapter. In the past, she has been an intern for Southern Weddings Magazine and a contributing writer for Her Campus. Melissa has an appreciation for all things innovative, artful and well designed and hopes to work in marketing for a women’s lifestyle magazine in the future!