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The No-Excuse Guide to Running at Carolina

Students all over campus regularly sport 5K shirts. Both the SRC and the RHRC are jammed most days, requiring sign-up sheets just to get a 30-minute slot on an elliptical. Between classes or even at 11 p.m., students can be seen jogging around campus, down Franklin, or around the track. There’s no doubt about it: Carolina is an active school. For some of us though, exercise doesn’t always fit into our busy schedules. With the campus 5K season about to start, we’re reminded now more than ever just how out of shape we are. Have no fear, though, because HerCampus has found resources all over Chapel Hill to help you get up and running.

Campus Runs – Rams Head Rec Center, every Tuesday at 6 pm:
Fleet Feet Carrborro and Nike sponsor this weekly Campus Rec run every week. There are different groups running varying distances and paces. The best part: after your run, you’re rewarded with free Nike goodies! With runs usually ranging from 3-5 miles, it’s a good way to test out your endurance.

Club Running – Belk Track, every weekday at 5 pm:
Club Cross Country & Track run relaxed practices every day. The team usually divides into smaller groups that go on 30, 45, or 60-minute runs. It’s a great way to learn routes around campus and surrounding towns. Although there are many serious runners, the club welcomes anyone who is trying to just practice to stay in shape. They do collect 40-dollar dues at the beginning of each semester, but running in the club meets isn’t required. Plus, for only $40, you’re entered into all of the 5K’s around campus.

Marathon Club – Fetzer Gym, Monday Wednesday Friday at 5 p.m. & Saturday’s at 9 am:
Don’t let the name scare you away! Marathon Club is a fun way to stay in shape. They focus on longer distance runs, ranging from 3 miles on weekdays to 20 miles on Saturday mornings.

Fleet Feet Pub Runs – Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro, Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm:
If you need an incentive to run, this running group is for you. After a quick 3 or 5 mile run, participants meet up at Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom for drinks, games, and food.

Campus Rec Fitness Programs – locations & times vary:
The SRC and RHRC offer a variety of fitness programs this fall. Whether it’s Bootcamp, TRX Suspension Training, or Fall Into Fitness, you’re sure to face intense workouts to get you into the best shape of your life. These programs range from $10-$50 for the duration, but at least it’s motivation to go!

While classes and clubs are encouraging, they aren’t for everyone. Time and money commitments can make it hard to stick with programs. There’s no excuse to stay on the couch, though. With one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, Carolina is full of gorgeous running routes you can do on your own. For a list of doable routes ranging from 1.5 to 5 miles, check out http://campusrec.unc.edu/fitness.

Upcoming Races:

Sept. 30 Tar Heel Trot 5K
Oct. 6 Carrboro 10K
Oct. 13 Esperanza 5K
Oct. 13 Get Heeled 5k
Oct. 14 Aging in Stride 5K Run/Walk
Oct. 27 Pumpkin Run
Nov. 3 Eve Carson Memorial 5K
Nov. 11 Southern Village 5K
Dec. 1 UNC Dance Marathon’s 5K FTK
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