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Midterm Season: Parks and Rec Edition

The dark and gloomy days of midterm season are upon us, UNC. Exams, papers, lab reports, we’ve got stacks on stacks on stacks, and unfortunately, there are no dollar bills in sight. The uphill battle to fall break has begun, collegiettes. To help calm your mid-semester stress, take a study break with Her Campus as we sum up midterm season as told by Parks and Recreation gifs.

1. When midterm season first hits and you try to remain hopelessly optimistic:

2. And then your professor tells you there are two essay sections on a fifty minute exam:

 3. When you come to the realization that you have three exams and a paper in one week:

4. And your first exam is tomorrow:

5. When you finally stop binge-watching Netflix to start writing a paper:

6. And you try to use grown-up words to sound more scholarly:

7. When you try to call Jimmy Johns for delivery during an all-nighter:

8. When your roommate gives you looks of judgement and you pretend to work when you are actually taking BuzzFeed quizzes:

9. When midterms have robbed you of your social life:

10. But then you realize it’s okay, because you survived another midterm season.

Keep it up, ladies. We are halfway to freedom.


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